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The Band

Abel Rocha

Rocha is a Mexican-born vocalist interpreter of "Jarocho music" and player of many instruments native to Mexico, Venezuela, and Argentina, including the Venezuelan harp and cuatro, the quinta huapanguera, and the guitar. His sound is influenced by Andean, mestizo, and criollo rhythms (a blend of indigenous, African, and European influences). He also is well known and collaborates with many other local groups. 

Diego Coy
Born in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, he came to the US in 2003.  Diego plays the quena, quenacho, and the zampona in addition to other woodwinds and percussion instruments that are native to countries in the Andean region. He applies jazz improvisation to traditional music in a unique way. Diego Coy also performs with Los Flacos, Micho & Diego Duo and Sin Fronteras.

Patricia Mazuela

A true muse within the artistic realm, Mazuela is a musician, playback theater director, and event developer in Washington State. She is a cofounder of the band Sin Fronteras and playback theater troupe Pasajeros. Mazuela hails originally from Chile, but migrated to the States due to family political circumstance in 1983. Her music primarily features the nueva canción genre, as well as traditional Latin American rhythms. She has collaborated with numerous other local artists and organizations in order to promote social justice, awareness, and cultural education. She is also a board member for Northwest Heritage Resources Organization. Mazuela’s gift is a means of connection with the audience by bringing together every artistic form and pushing the boundaries of what we know to be popular culture. Her passion for union within our community is most infectious, inspiring those around her to continue to create and learn to listen. 

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